Point system: The AU Team Cup is based on five criteria: academic achievement, athletic achievement, Eagle pride, community service and SAAC participation

Academic Achievement
  • Team cumulative GPA                                                                                             Each semester team GPA's will be collected and ranked, points will be recorded depending on each team's ranking.                                                                                                  1-100 Points, 2-90 Points, 3-80 Points, 4-70 Points, 5-60 Points, 6-50 Points, 7-40 Points, 8-30 Points, 9-20 Points, 10-10 Points, 11-5 Points, 12-0 Points

Athletic Achievement 
  • Place in the Conference
      1-100 Points, 2-85 Points, 3-75 Points, 4-50 Points, 5-40 Points, 6-30 Points, 7-20 Points, 8-10 Points

  • NCAA Tournament Qualification (Individual or Team)
      50 Points 

  • NCAA Tournament Champion!
      25 Points

  • Major Awards
      All-American, 20 Points
      Major Conference Award (Player of the Year, Coach of the Year), 20 Points
      Regional All-American, 10 Points
      Scholar Athlete of the Year, 10 Points
      All-Conference First Team, 5 Points

Eagle Pride
  • Attendance at Team Cup Events (Percentage of the team in attendance will equal the amount of points given)
      54%-54 Points, 100%-100 Points
      *If a team has practice or competition during the event an average of the attending teams points will be recorded as their percentage.   

  • Good Sportsmanship and Support 
      Posters outside of locker rooms, attendance at away games, or exceptional support!
      10-20 Points, depending on creativity

Community Service
  • Team Community Service (5k run, soup kitchen visit, charity clinic)
      75 Points 

  • Individual Community Service (including tutoring at the middle school and DC Reads)
     1 Point per Hour Completed

SAAC Participation
  • Representation at SAAC Meetings (substitutes count for points and points will be awarded if member is at a competition or practice)
      5 points 

  • Convention or Larger SAAC Representation 
      20 Points